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Employment law is complex and evolving, and employers faced with HR dilemmas require immediate, experienced and practical counsel that advances the company’s business objectives. Extensio Law actively partners with CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CAOs, human resources professionals and in-house lawyers to develop creative and strategic solutions to a variety of employment law and risk issues, including performance management, claims of employment discrimination or harassment, hiring and separation, disability (FMLA/ADA), leave management, employment agreements, non competition and restrictive covenants, workplace violence, mass layoffs, reductions in force, wage and hour, background screening and management of independent contractors.


Employment policies are an essential compass point for any organization. They represent the culture of an enterprise, its discipline, its commitments and its expectations. An Employee Handbook is alternatively used as recruiting collateral, a retention tool and critical evidence of compliance. How policies are written, what is included and excluded, and the consistency of application are important considerations that require a seasoned perspective. Extensio Law has decades of experience working with clients to design and implement customized, modern, legally compliant employment policies that seamlessly integrate their various purposes.

In addition to developing employment policies, Extensio also works with clients to develop documents supporting the full life cycle of an employment relationship: for example, job descriptions, job applications, onboarding documentation, releases, performance management instruments, and separation forms.


The process of developing and finalizing executive employment agreements requires skill, experience and grace. The goal of an agreement is to protect the employer’s interests while cultivating the commitment of the executive who will be leading an organization and ensuring its success. The design and negotiation process involves long-term perspective, business acumen and attention to detail. Extensio Law serves as a seasoned partner to both employers and executives, applying the knowledge, diligence and diplomacy required to get to “yes.”

Extensio Law uses similar skills and experience to design and draft Restrictive Covenants (e.g., non-competition, confidentiality, no-raiding, non-solicitation), Severance Agreements, Compensation and Commission Plans and Independent Contractor Agreements.


Prompt, corrective, remedial action in response to an allegation of employee misconduct provides a defense in litigation and, as importantly, helps an organization to be responsible, transparent and continuously learning. Extensio Law applies seasoned judgment, decades of experience and modern investigative techniques to conduct sensitive internal investigations into allegations of harassment, discrimination, ethics violations, and other employee misconduct.


Extensio Law delivers in-person interactive, engaging and customized Manager and Employee training and meeting facilitation in all areas of Human Resources Management and Employment Law. Content is customized to meet the specific learning objectives of the client. Topics may include:

  • Discrimination and Harassment Prevention

  • Corporate Compliance and Ethics

  • Navigating the Employment Law Landscape

  • Managing within the Law

  • Employment Law Concerns for Government Contractors

  • Diversity with Inclusion

  • Leave Management

  • Interviewing

  • Performance Management

  • Designing and Delivering Training with Impact

  • Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations

  • Effective Leadership in an Evolving Legal Environment


With 15 years of solid and on the mark legal advice in employment, training and regulatory affairs, Misti was an integral part of steering my company towards success.
— Muriel Jerome-O'Keeffe, Former CEO, JTG, Inc.